What is emWavePC and how do I use it?

emWavePC is a PC based personal learning system that allows you to observe and interact with your heart rate variability rhythm. Your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) rhythm is representative of your "autonomic nervous system status". Hence, we are really working to cultivate a balanced/coherent autonomic status, as reflected by the HRV rhythm.

emWavePC provides you with a simple to understand graphical representation of your HRV cycle in real time, making it an ideal complement to the practice of Coherent Breathing.

emWavePC Full Screen View

When you use emWavePC to complement Coherent Breathing it allows you to observe the effect that your breathing has on your heart rate variability rhythm in "real time". This is emWavePC's "full screen view" of the heart rhythm display. The X-axis is time and the Y-axis is heartbeat rate.

The above graphic demonstrates a period of relatively shallow asynchronous breathing followed by a period of Coherent Breathing. The moment when Coherent Breathing begins is distinct, HRV amplitude promptly shifting from about 8 beats to 30+ beats.

Note that amplitude generally "builds downwardly", i.e. in the direction of parasympathetic emphasis. Consequently, relative to shallow breathing, the portion of the HRV cycle between the dashed lines equates to autonomic and cardiovascular rest and relaxation. Note that the heartbeat rate of shallow breathing never slows down below about 86 beats per minute. Whereas, when employing Coherent Breathing, heartbeat rate slows to approximately 60 beats per minute.

(Looking at this figure, it may appear obvious that shallow asynchronous breathing would result in relatively higher blood pressure and that resonant breathing would result in lower blood pressure. I believe that this is in fact the case. For this reason, hypertension as well as many other sympathetically mediated maladies often respond quickly and favorably to the practice of Coherent Breathing.

Therapists and clinicians: Freeze-Framer is a tool for both client and clinician. emWavePC offers your clients a user friendly means of establishing the vital connection between the heart rate variabilty rhythm and breathing, facilitating the state of autonomic balance. It offers you a simple and effective means of assessing autonomic status and progress, both within session, and session to session.

We believe that all treatment modalities are more effective and efficient when in the state of autonomic balance.

This is simply because when in the state of balance, the body/mind knows how to heal itself. Therapeutic intervention aids the process.


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