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With Valsalva WaveTMPro 2.0 & Personal Resonance Protocol


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Welcome to Coherence Valsalva Wave Pro 2.0 supporting Personal Resonance Protocol. Valsalva Wave Pro allows us to monitor and train a fundamentally new biometric, the "Valsalva Wave", a breathing induced blood wave that we are able to detect and observe when we are breathing "coherently".

Valsalva Wave Pro also provides monitoring and training of the Heart Rate (Heart Rate Variability Cycle) and the Pulse Wave. You can monitor the Valsalva Wave, the Heart Rate, or the Pulse Wave, either alone or in combination.

You can navigate the Valsalva Wave Pro much as you would a website.

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Also visit:www.valsalvawave.com

Coherence and Valsalva Wave are registered trademarks of COHERENCE LLC, Pilot Point, Texas.

Protected By US Patent: #7922664

Copyright 2016, COHERENCE LLC

Note: This instrument is for educational purposes only. No claims are made regarding its relevance or application to any medical condition.


The Instrument:

Release 2.0 offers these enhancements over release 1.0:

1)A copy of Personal Resonance Protocol is included with the install, a $90 value.

2)Example RESONANCE sessions are recorded and available for review/export.

3)Example analyses (Fourier Analysis using Excel) of the sessions referred to in #2 above:

a)An example of RESONANCE,

b)An example of a huge increase in capillary circulation accomplished via personal resonant breathing combined with nutrition.

4)The "COHERENCE" measure now equals "RESONANCE", thoughout the instrument.

5)A "RESONANCE Metrics" screen has been added under the Get Started menu.

6)RESONANCE screens have been consolidated under a new menu titled "RESONANCE". There you will find:

a)Resonance VW (Valsalva Wave)

b)Resonance HR (Heart Rate)

c)Resonance Simultaneous (Valsalva   Wave & Heart Rate)

7)A new screen is introduced: Valsalva Wave Resonance. This allows resonance to be trained using the Valsalva Wave alone, the 1st order biometric resulting from diaphragm movement.

8)COHERENCE reports have been consolidated under a new menu titled "Resonance Reports".

9)The "RESONANCE Curve" screens on all resonance options have a settable threshold in .05 increments.

10) RESONANCE Screen X-axes default to 30 seconds to support Personal Resonance Protocol.

11)A "Custom" menu is added to include screens and options developed by request.

12)All thresholds set to color "yellow" and all centerlines set to color "green".

13)Top level menu botton color changed.

14) Opening background graphic added for Windows 7 and beyond.

At the top left of every screen you will find the "Program Menu" consisting of View, Calibration, Options, and Help. These basic "program" functions are rarely used.

Just below the Program Menu, you will find the "Navigation Bar". It presents buttons that allow you to navigate to the various screens including Get Started, Valsalva Wave, Heart Rate (HRV), RESONANCE, Pulse Wave, Simultaneous Signals, Custom, and Help.

A toolbar is presented along the far left side of every page. It provides a number of basic functions, allowing us to move the signal up and down, increase and decrease gain, speed up and slow down the graph, zoom in and out, etc. These buttons apply to the signal that we are viewing at the moment. If you mouse over each, the name of the function will appear.

Along the bottom is the Control Bar that includes some very basic functions including start/stop, pause, print, record, freeze view, etc. Once a session has been recorded, an option is also presented that allows the data to be saved and reports to be generated. You will want to familiarize yourself with each of these functions.

A quick note about the nomenclature:

Under each tab, you'll find both "stand-alone" and "simultaneous" views. The "+" sign means the first biometric AND the second biometric are presented simultaneously on the same graph, ex. "V-Wave + HRV" means that the Valsalva Wave and the HRV cycle are plotted on a single graph where the Y axis is that of the Valsalva Wave.

Alternatively, "V-Wave, HRV", means that both are visible on the same screen but each is plotted on its own graph with its own Y axis.

The metric that is listed first has precedence, i.e. it assumes the Y-axis or is the top-most graph on a given screen.

A complete explanation of the instrument including all screens and functions is available on line at www.valsalvawave.com