COHERENCE Featured Artists - Music To Breathe By TM 7/20/2013    
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Mary Lu Brandwein Kyorei (Suchness) Purchase Listen to titles   Shakuhachi: Sculpted Sound  
Stephen Elliott See COHERENCE Audio/Visual Products              
Stephen Michael Hawley The Six Bridges - Introduction FREE! Listen to titles   Personal Enrichment Programs  
  The Six Bridges - The Exercise Purchase Listen to titles        
  The Six Bridges - The Instrumental Purchase Listen to titles          
Samuel Jakob Kirschner Coherent Ocean Breathing Purchase Listen to titles Journeying to the present. Aligning breath, body, mind, and spirit in movement and music.Transforming fear into freedom, crisis into compassion, loss to love. Connecting with the divine spark inside
every living being, and celebrating the Sacred Dance of Life.  Being @ ease. Being love.
Artists Of Living Breathe-Love-Moving-Meditation
Michael Romano INEX Mantra Purchase Listen to titles          
  Harmonium Breathe Purchase Listen to titles  The harmonium, a portable pump organ, is what you hear in these recordings. Susannah Sanfilippo, composer and certified yoga instructor, switches between 2 chords every 6 seconds.  Each piece is designed to be practiced with your Coherent Breathing and can be adaptable to slow vinyasa, pranayama and restorative yoga in a group or individual setting.  Enjoy moments of simply being who you really are: relaxed and open with much easeful breath. The Yoga of Susannah  
Susannah Sanfilippo Guided Harmonium Breathing Purchase
  Harmonium Aum Purchase
  Harmonium Cosmic Space Purchase
Cecily Keuhl Shank Little Boy Dreaming The Earth Purchase Listen to titles  
  Little Girl Dreaming The Earth Purchase Listen to titles