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The first audio-visual Breathing Pacemaker for the PC or compatible device! The second hand moves from 12-6 signaling exhalation and from 6-12 signaling inhalation. A "tick" occurs with each advance of the hand. Movement demonstrates blood flow, oxygenated blood flowing from chest to extremities coincident with exhalation and venous blood flowing from extremities to chest coincident with inhalation.

This shifting arterial/venous emphasis gives rise to a coherent Valsalva Wave, which when monitored at the extremities looks like this:

The instrument is COHERENCE Valsalva Wave Pro

The slow undulation is blood rising and falling as a consequence of exhalation and inhalation. The faster wave riding atop is blood flow induced by the heart beat. Respiratory sinus arrhythmia is discernable where we see the heart beat slowing down during exhalation and speeding up during inhalation, the volume of blood moved to the extremities by each heart beat increasing during exhalation and decreasing during inhalation. Simply, a coherent Valsalva Wave gives rise to a coherent heart rate variability or "HRV" cycle. See Health Pros for a more complete discussion.

This audio visual product is a self contained Flash application and does not require Flash Player. (Continuous Play). File Size: ~1MB.