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Valsalva Wave Pro 2.0 Renders HRV-Only Instruments Obsolete

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Personal Resonance Protocol

Valsalva Wave Pro 2.0 with Personal Resonance Protocol:

Initially released in 2009, Valsalva Wave Pro allows us to monitor and train a fundamentally new biometric, the wholistic "Valsalva Wave", a breathing induced blood wave that occurs with each cycle of respiration when we breathe "coherently". COHERENCE holds the patent on its detection and feedback, US patent #7922664. VWave Pro is the only instrument of its kind, rendering HRV only instruments obsolete. With the release of Personal Resonance Protocol, Release 2.0 takes Valsalva Wave Pro to the next orbit - that of "personal resonance", cutting the long standing gordian knot of how to detect and determine personal resonant frequency.

Valsalva Wave

                                    Figure 1

Figure 1 above presents the complex Valsalva Wave detected at the earlobe. There are two components: a) the respiratory component (slow red wave) resulting from the action of the thoracic pump, b) the heartbeat (autonomic response to respiratory component).

The respiratory component is generated by the combined action of the thoracic cavity construct bounded at the bottom by the diaphragm. When the diaphragm moves down, the respiratory component viewed at the capillary circulation falls, heart rate speeding up. When the diaphragm moves up, the respiratory component rises, heart rate slowing down. The phenomenon is best monitored at the earlobe because blood activity in the head immediately follows diaphragm movement, due to large vessels and a short path between the lungs and the head. There is delay between diaphragm action and the extremities - fingers & toes.

Valsalva Wave Pro separates the complex signal into its 2 fundamental components: a) the blood wave induced by diaphragm movement, a.k.a. the "Valsalva Wave", and b) the heart beat (the autonomic outcome of diaphragm movement) to yield this view:


                     Figure 2 (Click to enlarge)

The red line is the filtered Valsalva Wave component. The blue line graphs the heart rate (HRV cycle). The heart rate (HRV cycle) is the autonomic outcome of the Valsalva Wave.

The goal of Personal Resonance Protocol is to align these phenomenon in time such that the heart rate is 180 degrees out of phase with the Valsalva Wave, indicating "perfect" resonance. At perfect resonance, circulatory efficacy is maximal, arterial and venous blood are balanced, the wave produced washes through the capillary circulation facilitating fluid exchange deep into the extra-cellular and cellular environs, in this way facilitating hydration, nutrition, and waste removal throughout the parenchyma, skin, brain, organs...

This is the evolving central value proposition of Coherent Breathing and specifically of Personal Resonance, i.e. it defines the personal unique breathing rate at which circulatory efficacy is maximal.

As circulatory health is the single largest disease challenge facing the human population, the advancement is extremely relevant to current human health.


Valsalva Wave Pro 2.0 with Ear Sensor $1895.00 plus $12.95 shipping
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Software Installation Is Limited To 2 Personal Computers

Personal Resonance Protocol

Providing protocol and instructions for determining Personal Resonant Frequency.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BreatheHeart

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Welcome to BreatheHeart: BreatheHeart is a new PC based instrument by COHERENCE. Built on the foundation of Valsalva Wave Pro, BreatheHeart allows us to monitor and train synchrony of respiration, blood flow, and heart rate. BreatheHeart is different from Hearthmath's emWave PC in a few key ways:1)BreatheHeart is "breathing centric" where emWave is "emotion centric". The basic protocol involves synchronizing breathing with your heart rate and building heart rate variability. 2)Where Heartmath's "coherence score" is based on consistency of the HRV cycle, COHERENCE's is based on synchrony of blood flow and heart rate, a more advanced measure of physiological coherence. 3)BreathHeart also provides automatic measurement of "HRV" (heart rate variability).

Due to real time feedback sensitivity BreatheHeart is offered with ear sensor (only). Sensors are also available individually.

BreatheHeart with Ear Sensor $695.00 plus $9.95 shipping
Ear Sensor only $225.00 plus $9.95 shipping

Software Installation Is Limited To 2 Personal Computers




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