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                                                                                                                                                    August 13th, 2016

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To participate in the Practitioner Directory:                               

About being a "Coherent Breathing Practitioner"...

Conditions for inclusion in the directory:

1) You are a practicing Health Professional that offers services to others.

2) You are able to provide prospective students or clients with instruction in the Coherent Breathing method. This instruction may or may not include biofeedback services.

3) You provide instruction "within the spirit of the method ". Please see Health Pros to view the essential method.

4) Coherent Breathing is a registered trademark of COHERENCE and cannot be used to describe other methods or products.

5) You authorize COHERENCE LLC to add your information to the directory.

One more thing...

With your permission, COHERENCE (specifically Stephen Elliott, President) would like to announce that you have joined the Coherent Breathing Practitioner Directory on LinkedIn.


Note: Once your information is on the directory, you will receive a 50% discount coupon for Valsalva Wave Pro 2.0 with Personal Resonance Protocol.

COHERENCE offers Health Pros substantial discount on instruments, CDs, and books.

Email COHERENCE Customer Service to find out more.

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To join the directory, send your:

1) Name

2) The name of your business or practice

3) The focus of your practice

4) Do you offer HRV biofeedback? (Yes or No)

5) Website address

6) Email address

7) Business address

8) Phone number

9) Other information you'd like included














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