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November 25, 2005                                                                 

The New Science of Breath - Coherent Breathing for Autonomic Nervous System Balance, Health, & Well Being


“In the East, it has long been known that breath is the cornerstone of health. The New Science of Breath offers the long awaited scientific explanation for this age old truth.” Dr. Meng-Sheng Lin, L.Ac., VP Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners and Honorary Surgeon General – The State of Texas

“I have just finished my second reading of your outstanding book The New Science of Breath. It was an educational experience for me and I came away from it with a resolve to incorporate a new method of breathing not only for husband and myself, but for my patients as well. Overall, I am very impressed with the measure of optimism for taking conscious control of the autonomic nervous system via breathing. ” Elsa Baehr, Clinical Associate, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University Medical School, Baehr & Baehr, LTD.

"In the rapid pace of modern civilization we have forgotten how to breathe. This "new science of breathing" shows us how "breathing coherently" can help restore a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. Knowledge of “breath”, including an understanding of the physiology, the technology, and the practice, is critical for anyone that teaches relaxation and stress management. As one who has employed Coherent Breathing in a clinical setting, I can attest to its effectiveness. In my view, this book should be required reading for all medical students.” Chuck Lawe, Ph.D, Associate Director of Clinical Services, Emory University Counseling Center

"As a rehabilitation psychologist and long time biofeedback practitioner, I have found heart rate variability training to be a powerful addition to my practice and have been very impressed by the strong positive response of patients and clients to Steve's “breathing pacemaker” compact disc RESPIRE I. His newest contribution, The New Science of Breath, is likely to emerge as a standard reference for both the seasoned practitioner and clinicians who are new to the field. In one highly readable volume, he combines a scientifically rigorous yet readily understood introduction to the complex topic of breath work and cardiovascular physiology with chapters that are rich in practical training tips and strategies to jump start the patient training experience. Among the half-dozen books on the topic I have read in recent years, it is among the most useful for the practicing clinician." Roger Riss, Psy.D., Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Senior Fellow, Biofeedback Certification Institute of America

“I find your theories interesting. At times I am concerned about the softness of your evidence. On the other hand postulations stimulate thought, and controversy is necessary when putting forward new ideas.” Ronald DeMeersman, Ph.D., Columbia University Health Sciences

“Overall RESPIRE I seems like an excellent tool to assist someone with good steady breathing which will facilitate a deep parasympathetic state and accordingly more coherence. Personally, while breathing in synchrony with the first track, I went into deep meditation.” Kenedy Singer, Ph.D. (Candidate), Neurofeedack Practitioner, 2005 Student Research Award Recipient, Annual Conference of the International Society for Neuronal Regulation (ISNR)

“I have been practicing yoga and martial arts for over 30 years and am always looking for ways to enhance my practice and improve my overall health and well being. I have known Steve for over 10 years. He has been researching the subject of energy cultivation and optimal health for many years and has applied his deep knowledge of technology and science to the discovery and development of Coherent Breathing. I have been incorporating Coherent Breathing into my personal practice for over a year and am experiencing major gains in depth and profundity.” Andrew Stronski, Yoga and Martial Arts Colleague




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