The Valsalva Wave
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The Six Bridges Download The Introduction

Respire-1 by Coherence


Respire-1 by Coherence

2 Bells

The Healing Power Of The Breath

How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health Care by Drs. Brown, Gerbarg, and Muskin


Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality

Wuji Qi Gong & The Secret Of Immortality

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Slow Down!


Coherence Clock by Coherence. The first audio-visual Breathing Pacemaker for the PC or compatible device! The second hand moves from 12-6 signaling exhalation and from 6-12 signaling inhalation. A

Coherence Clock

Andean Flute

Rainy Day (Melody from The Eagle Will Rise Again by Alan Parsons) The sound of gentle rain has a primordial effect on the human psyche, literally eliciting a parasympathetic response. The background of this piece is a breezy, rainy spring morning with the occasional roll of distant thunder. The foreground is the rhythm from Alan Parson's The Eagle Will Rise Again.

Rainy Day

Taiji Diagram

Horizontal Pratyahara by Coherence - This first recording of its type is optimized for breathing meditation while lying on your back in a horizontal position. Because the autonomic nervous system optimizes the frequency of resonance based on body inclination, a slightly slower rhythm is optimal when horizontal. It also incorporates a binaural beat at 6.5 Hz. (upper theta band) against a soothing water background.


Tibetan Bell and Marimba by Coherence - The single strike of a Tibetan bell alternating in left and right channels is preceded with a short Marimba sequence. The strike of the bell indicates when to begin inhalation or exhalation. This recording facilitates group synchronization.
Vocal Instructive Sequence (Aqua) by Coherence - Steve Elliott provides a 30 second introduction followed by ~25 minutes of verbally directed inhalation and exhalation on top of a soothing background of running water. This recording is produced especially for beginners and those that find vocal direction easily accessible.
2 Bells by Coherence

2 Bells

Mountain Brook & Chime by Coherence

Mountain Brook & Chime

Clock & Bell by Coherence

Clock & Bell

Rainy Day...

Rainy Day

Dusk Sounds by Coherence

Dusk Sounds

4 Bells by Coherence - 4 bells repeat in a melodic sequence every 5.88 seconds. Begin inhalation or exhalation coincident with every 4th strike.

4 Bells

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Dr. Richard Brown, M.D.   Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, M.D.

2 Bell-60 Minutes + 6 Drs. Brown and Gerbarg's Breathing Frequencies On 1 CD

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COHERENCE Is Pleased To Launch The Coherent Breathing YouTube Channel

Coherent Breathing

Our First Issue Is Stephen Elliott's Presentation To The International Centre Of Conscious Breathing & Practicing


Coherent Breathing & Exercise

Coherernt Breathing & Exercise

Volume 1, Issue 2 Of The Coherent Breathing Youtube Channel

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"Breathing is a circulatory function during which gas exchange occurs."

Stephen Elliott, April 2016


The "Valsalva Wave"

In medical literature there is a term given to the understood but little recognized wave action as observed in the arterial system as a function of breathing. It is called the "respiratory arterial pressure wave". There is also a relatively obscure term for a wave phenomenon in the venous system - the "venous wave". However, there is no term for the wholistic "circulatory" phenomenon, arterial and venous, emphasis alternating with exhalation and inhalation respectively. Antonio Valsalva (circa 1600), an early physiologist, is said to have observed changes in the jugular vein as a function of respiration, making him one of the earliest Western observers of the interaction between breathing and blood flow. Stephen Elliott and Dr. Bob Grove (J & J Engineering) coined the name "Valsalva Wave" to describe the wholistic circulatory phenomenon, "A" for arterial and "V" for venous.


Meng-Sheng Lin, O.M.D., L.Ac.


Dee Edmonson, R.N., BCIA-EEG and Coherent Breathing pioneer @Neurologics


From Sudan - A Story of Breathing by Ellen Ratner (November Newsletter)

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From Wuji Qi Gong...

If you can only, breath by breath, bring all into choice harmony, you exchange this bundle of sun-dried bones for a clear running sweet-jade spring. By Master Yu-Yan, circa 1284, translation by Richard Bertschinger, Author, Secret Of Everlasting Life.

Stephen Elliott at Chi Arts


The great thing then, in all education, is to make our nervous system our ally as opposed to our enemy."

William James, circa 1857.

Regulation of breathing is the primary means we have of accomplishing this. (S.E., 2008)


Does Coherent Breathing work?

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The Rational Heart

The February COHERENCE Newsetter


"We find no instances where HRV is greater than 13 beats and blood pressure is high."

Stephen Elliott referring to results of a study examining the correlation between heart rate variability and blood pressure.


BMED Press Interview With

Stephen Elliott


2010 Dietary Guidelines For Americans In BMED Report


Read Dr. Richard Brown's interview about Coherent Breathing and ADD/ADHD with ADDitude Magazine


Global Grassroots - Conscious Social Change For Women

Coherent Breathing In Rwanda


Stephen Elliott, President, COHERENCE L.L.C.

Stephen is the principal author with Dee Edmonson, RN, of The New Science of Breath, Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method, and Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality, with Dr. Meng-Sheng Lin.

Stephen is a student of the martial arts of China and Japan and a scholar of the yogas of China, Kashmir, and India. He is the first contemporary to unravel the "code" of the Bagua and Yi Jing to reveal its inner meaning - "the secret of immortality.

Stephen is the inventor of the Coherent Breathing method and holds multiple patents on methods and systems supporting Coherent Breathing.

He is the modern day re-discoverer of the respiratory arterial pressure wave and has patents issued and pending on its measurement and as a basis of biofeedback. Stephen with Dr. Bob Grove coined the name "Valsalva Wave", describing the wholistic arterial and venous wave phenomenon that occurs in the circulatory system when breathing coherently and relaxing.

Stephen has contributed substantially to the contemporary understanding of the heart rate variability phenomenon and its physiology.

He is the inventor of the Six Bridges method which combines Coherent Breathing with conscious relaxation of certain anatomical zones called "bridges".

Stephen is a pioneer in the effect and importance of Earthing to health and well being, holding the fundamental patent in modulation of bodily impedance through varying the connection between a human and Earth ground.

He is a long time teacher of the yogas of China and India and has direct experience with the classical Kundalini Shakti experience, having lived with its immediate presence for 10 years.

Stephen provides individual and group instruction in Coherent Breathing, Qi Gong, & Meditation. He has a biofeedback practice in Richardson, Texas.

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Coherent Breathing






As a New York City principal and educator I have observed a significant increase in levels of stress and sleep depravation over the last decade. By most accounts this is a result of an overuse and abuse of technology. 

At our high school we have allocated space for mindfulness and yoga, and recently incorporated Coherent Breathing in all of our advisory classes.  The approach is secular, simple, and produces immediate and profound results, helping students slow down, relax, and focus.  I would highly recommend the practice from kindergarten.

Kevin Froner, PhD., Principal, NYC


Valsalva Wave Pro 2.0

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Blood Pressure vs. HRV

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The New Science of Breath

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Wuji Breathing Exercise

This small book, "Wuji Style Breathing Exercise", contains what I believe to be one of the most profound, and yet one of the most obscure esoteric practices known to man. In it is the only English explanation of the Taoist version of this practice of which I'm aware. I ran across it in 1996, in my search for an understanding of the inner workings of tai chi. Since that time, I've practiced the method very seriously although with varying degree of diligence. Its practice was very instrumental in my development of the Coherent Breathing method, circa 2000, which dramatically enhances the effect of Wuji Qi Gong, as well as other forms of Qi Gong. The authorship is also something of a mystery. The translater, a Mr. Men Den, explains that he is the student and ghost writer for the well known Tai Chi master, Cai Song Fang. However, other reports, purportedly by those including Cai himself refute this. The author, whoever it is, describes that the wuji breathing method was handed down from a direct student of Yang Cheng Fu, it being the esoteric basis of Yang family taijiquan (tai chi). The reason for all this mystery is that between the covers of this odd little book is (based on my humble opinion) the essential core practice of Taoism. There are equivalent (also largely obscure) yogic practices in Hinduism and Kashmiri Shaivism, which I will bring to your attention a bit later. If you've studied Taoist philosophy, you'll recognize the term "wuji". In Taoist cosmology wuji refers to the "primordial undifferentiated". Taoism concerns itself with the "process" or mechanics by which differentiation and non-differentiation occur, yielding "taiji", dynamic differentiation of yin and yang, and its ultimate result, the dissolution back into wuji. You may have heard the phase "taiji comes from wuji", and its complement, "taiji returns to wuji". Very importantly, this "process" refers to the "energetic" evolution of the physical universe, the "cosmos", and to us (humans), as micro-cosms of the macro-cosm. As such, it is through the practice of "Wuji Breathing" that one facilitates this process and realizes the essential Taoist experience of both "wuji" and "taiji". Tangible benefits include increased vitality, balance, energy, intuition, strength, power, endurance, and wellness. Esoteric effects include, among other things, a "profound energetic capacity" for healing, martial arts, etc. and a very clear and evolving sense of "oneness" with the cosmos.

After 18 years of research, study, practice, and contemplation of Wuji Qi Gong, Stephen Elliott and Dr. Meng-Sheng Lin reach backwards in history to the Yi Jing and the Can Tong Qi to bring you:

Wuji Qi Gong & The Secret Of Immortality

Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality


BMED Report


Taiji Diagram





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Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method

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Diaphragm Mediates Action Of Autonomic And Enteric Nervous Systems - In BMED Report



The Healing Power of Neurofeedback by Dr. Stephen Larsen


Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method

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Coherent Breathing

Written as a companion to The New Science of Breath, Coherent Breathing – The Definitive Method – Theory & Practice delves deeper into the science of cardiopulmonary operation with specific focus on the mechanics behind the heart rate variability (HRV) phenomenon. Elliott and Edmonson make the novel argument that the HRV cycle is an outcome of autonomic nervous system regulation of the known but little recognized respiratory arterial pressure wave which rises and falls by 20mmHg during resonant breathing. The impetus for the arterial pressure wave is the changing intra-thoracic pressure as a function of diaphragm movement. During inhalation blood flows through the right side of the heart filling the dense pulmonary capillary bed, blood and air meeting across the thin alveolar surface of the lung. During exhalation blood exits the lungs flowing through the left side of the heart, thereby resulting in cyclic blood flow with each cycle of respiration. The autonomic nervous system synchronizes with the action of respiration resulting in the heart rate variability cycle. The Coherent Breathing method posits that we should strive to breathe with 40-60% of diaphragm range, this yielding an HRV amplitude of 20-30 beats, and with it the advantages of increased blood flow, autonomic balance, and well-being.

The authors cite compelling research conducted during the mid 1900s by notable scientists including Nobel Prize winner Andre Cournand, and discuss an advance in instrumentation that allows the respiratory arterial pressure wave to be observed directly. Written in workbook format, the book is rich in theory and practice and is suited to both health care professionals and serious health enthusiasts.

Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of ImmortalityAvailable February 2010 Reviews

In Wuji Qi Gong And The Secret Of Immortality, Stephen Elliott and Dr. Meng-Sheng Lin, O.M.D., L.Ac., unravel the 7000 year old mystery of the “Bagua” or 8 Trigrams of the Yi Jing to reveal one of it’s surprising inner meanings – the secret of immortality.

If you are familar with Elliott's other works you may wonder what this has to do with breathing... The answer is that Wuji Qi Gong is about learning to breathe in harmony with Heaven and Earth.

In this short and unusual work, Elliott and Lin put forward a practical and philosophical discussion of this ancient Taoist practice for promoting health, well-being, and longevity that they refer to as Wuji Qi Gong. The method is one of aligning with The Way of Heaven vs. going along with The Way of Earth. While this sounds mysterious, Elliott and Lin shine a compelling light of logic and simplicity on this startling concept. To our knowledge, their theory has never before been articulated, at least not in the English language!The practice of Wuji Qi Gong involves “integration” of the four primordial elements Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, in effect “reordering” the elements in man such that they sustain life vs. consume it, the outcome being health, vitality, and longevity, vs. decay and death. Wuji Qi Gong is the 3rd book by life scientist, inventor, and accomplished student and teacher of Eastern yogic and martial arts, Stephen Elliott. His first 2 books, The New Science of Breath and Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method, both with Dee Edmonson, R.N., BCIAC-EEG, put forward a ground breaking theory of the relationship between Coherent Breathing, circulation, and autonomic nervous function. Coherent Breathing is presently used by of tens of thousands of individual users and health professionals in over a dozen countries.

Available February, 2010.

Also see:Wujishi Breathing Exercise

The New Science of Breath - Coherent Breathing for Autonomic Nervous System Balance, Health, and Well-being, by Stephen Elliott with Dee Edmonson.

The New Science of Breath - 2nd Edition   

This second edition incorporates many small changes and one significant update/correction. The correction has to do with the physiological relationship between the heart rate variability (HRV) cycle and instantaneous arterial pressure. The first edition describes the arterial pressure wave during resonance, as varying with the heart rate variability cycle, peaks and valleys of the HRV cycle correlating directly with peaks and valleys of the arterial pressure wave.

While the aforementioned description is understood to be representative of the relationship that exists between heart rate and blood pressure during typical non-resonance, at resonance, heart rate variability and blood pressure cycles are 180 degrees out of phase, blood pressure falling as heart rate rises and visa versa. This revised understanding is based on the work of leading researchers, Vaschillo, et al., as reported in Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback , Volume 27, March 2002, Note and again referenced in Volume 31, June 2006. I would like to thank Michael Duquette, CTRS, BCIAC, of the National Institutes of Health, Rehabilitation Medicine Department, for bringing the matter squarely to my attention. It comes at a time when, with the assistance of Carol Elliott, L.Ac., I have been studying “blood stagnation”, a common symptomology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attempting to understand its relationship to breathing. Reconciling the phase relationships between the heart rate variability cycle and arterial pressure has led to an important advancement in my own understanding that I have incorporated into the writing of the 2nd edition. I would also like to thank the many readers of the first edition of The New Science of Breath for your strong interest, enthusiasm – and criticism. As of this writing, there are in excess of 1000 copies in circulation in half a dozen countries.

The New Science of Breath

In 1905, the Yogi Publication Society published Yogi Ramacharaka’s “Science of Breath”, which to this day remains one of his most popular and respected works. 100 years later, Stephen Elliott, accomplished student of Eastern yogic and martial arts, engineer, inventor, and life scientist, asserts a “New Science of Breath”.

With it, Elliott offers us a revolutionary new theory of health based on breathing for autonomic nervous system balance, autonomic nervous function underlying all aspects of health and well being - body, mind, and spirit. Importantly, this “new science” sheds a light of hope on today’s pandemic health challenges ranging from stress, anxiety, and chronic muscle tension, to hypertension and attention deficit disorder. The emerging medical understanding is that these conditions are rooted in autonomic nervous system imbalance - what has not been understood is the root cause of this imbalance. Elliott posits that the root cause is in fact suboptimal breathing.The New Science of Breath (ISBN 0978639901) introduces “Coherent Breathing”, a specific breathing modality that promotes autonomic nervous system balance and cardiopulmonary resonance. Autonomic balance yields peace of mind, well being, and enhanced biological function. The therapeutic efficacy of Coherent Breathing is supported by the work of integrative neurotherapist Dee Edmonson, RN, Fellow BCIA - EEG. Dee presents a dozen compelling case observations where Coherent Breathing was appliedadjunctively with conventional forms of neurotherapy, all with profoundly positive result.This book is must reading for health care professionals, educated health enthusiasts, and serious athletes. For yoga and meditation enthusiasts, when combined with relaxation and stillness, Coherent Breathing directly results in meditation.See Reviews here.


You, Breathing, and Blood Pressure - What Everyone Needs To Know.

Look for it 4Q- 2010



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